Process Automation and Digitization


Enable intelligent accounts payable operations and eliminate manual tasks by simplifying and automating processes with the SAP® Invoice Management application by OpenText. With it, you can process invoices quickly, accurately, and efficiently, enhancing productivity, improving cash management, and winning more vendor discounts.

Objectives Solution Key Features Benefits
Streamline and improve control of accounts payable processes Process integration and financial control for complete invoice management Improve control and visibility of accounts payable processes
Simplify vendor invoicing and speed payments Powerful reporting and compliance functionality Speed payment cycles and increase revenues through early-payment discounts
Reduce manual, paper-based processes Automated data entry through optical character recognition and machine learning Boost productivity with automated invoicing
Improve cash flow and reduce costs Supplier collaboration through Ariba® Network for cloud-enabled invoicing and payment Gain business insights and improve decision-making
Support compliance and timely reporting Enhance vendor relationships

What it takes to optimize the AP process:

Architecture of VIM:

VIM : Fully Integrated, Automated Processing: